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They are full of grand plans to make it big and live the good life. They are the sign that tries to keep things simple, and that includes their hobbies and recreational activities. Reason Taurus will not take any crap from anyone. They are allergic to stupidity. Since honesty is such a big trait of the Taurus it's also something that look for in others Taurus hates arrogant assholes that think they know everything but they just contradict themselves. Taureans are inherently placid, so it is rare for them to lose their temper and display anger and aggression.

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When they do, fearful as they become, they lose touch with their true strength and display their vulnerability. Taurus can be a stubborn creature at times especially when they truly believe that they are in the right. Like the bull that represents the Taurus their rage can be enormous and when they are attacked they tend to fire back twice as hard and without hesitation. Reason Taurus are classy and the best people to have in your life. You will most likely find Taurus have a unique style about them whether they are dressing for a high-profile meeting or just slacking in the house.

Taurus woman is classy, tasteful and practical. She prefers powerful statement clothes such as earthy tailor made suits, designer accessories and tasteful shoes that will rarely go out of style. They will like you the way you are.

That been said, you can put on truckload of makeup, show up shabby or just be your natural self. They take one step at a time and patiently work towards their goal. They are great listeners. It comes in handy to them in their love life. A Taurus partner is a partner for life. Dependable, reliable and solid they will be loyal and faithful. They are also generous and will shower their loved one with many gifts and luxuries. If you need sound financial advice, you are safe in the hands of the Taurus woman. She is practical and calculating hence; she rarely makes hasty financial decisions.

Taurus make the best friends. They accept you for who you are. Above all, they will make you laugh. Being the free souls they are, they have a spark about them that makes them the most enjoyable company to be around. Taurus is the best people to have in your life. After reading the article I just got the bad traits of Taurus. I never plan but I like to be alone and I get upset a lot. Really all the Taureans, including Me are the luckiest person in the world only because of God… Thank u.. Well, you never know that until you get to know the person.

But here in the year To Find! Words are Useless! Your Actions define WHO you are. I really am Greatful to be a Taurus. Whoever said that Taurus is short tempered or aggressive has no idea what they are on about. Taurus is the slowest to anger out of all signs! You also forgot to mention that Taurus is incredibly cuddly and snuggly.

The most stubborn and rude people I have ever encountered are born in this sign. Both men and women have the same qualities. Very basic, gross and materialistic people. They assess and evaluate everyone on benefits it brings to them.

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In romance they are the same. They do not offer any companionship, love or emotions. Partners have a shelf life.

Once they got everything they could, they start looking around. The only reason they stick to the same partner because they do not want to spoil their social image. The calmness that is so advertised, is actually extreme laziness as there is no intellect behind it. Taurus is the most unluckiest star. Throughout the life taurens keep on facing hardships and wandering in search of peace finally ending up at nowhere. They nailed me. This article describes me perfsctly. If you wanna know me, 4ewd this article.

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Welcome to ZodiacThing. Login Create Account. People who are born under the Taurus sign are often labelled as many things ranging from short tempered through to downright aggressive. So to give you a better sense of what it really means to be born under the sign of the Bull, lets dive into the Taurus personality by revealing 12 unique characteristics, to know why TAURUS is actually the best zodiac sign of all.

Reason 1: Taurus is independent, and incredibly self-reliant. Taurus are independent and strong at all levels - physically, emotionally, and financially. They like to do things their way. Taurus is not a follower, but they are not the brave one either. They often prefer to work on their own rather than in a group.

Taurus are independent enough to make their own decisions without getting back to you for an opinion. Comments Winston Jul 01, Shruti May 04, Monica Shabani Feb 15, Naomi Clare Richmond Jan 04, Leo Nov 21, Keith Sep 16, Lami Aug 31, Anonymous Aug 28, Sallbull Jul 30, Blitz Jul 06, Sagar SK Mar 27, Once they're finally alone with their crush, they'll be warm, sweet, and very attentive.

Virgos might have a nervous disposition. According to Mckean, their "crushing state" is rather subdued because they're often busy with studying you. This all takes time. Libras are ruled by Venus. So it's no surprise that love to a Libra is "one of life's basics of existence like water or eating," Mckean says. They'll share with others how amazing they think you are.

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They aren't shy at all about making the first move, although some of them may act coy, it's just an act. Libras have a very old-fashioned take on romance. They're more likely to ask you out on a traditional date like dinner and a movie rather than lunch or coffee. Libras will also mimic your body movements as a way to be in sync with you.

After all, it's all about balance with them. Scorpios tend to secretive and love keeping their cards close to their chest. But when a Scorpio finds someone they can't resist, you'll feel it, Mckean says. Usually it starts with the classic Scorpio stare. With that intrigue, you know a Scorpio is crushing on you.

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As Mckean says, they typically do this as a sort of "validation test" to see if the crush is mutual. Out of all the zodiac signs, Sagittarius value their freedom the most. They're known for being busy and always on-the-go. Because it's hard to pin them down, Kilic says you may not even realize a Sagittarius likes you right away.

But if they invite you to join them on one of of their trips, that's a really good sign they're into you. Sagittarius is another sign that can't keep a secret. But once they do, they make it obvious. According to Mckean, they're the type to "trip over their own feet as they bend down to rip a bunch of dandelions for you. Capricorns are known for being pretty reserved and disciplined. For them, it's all work before play. By the time they "allow" themselves to find a partner, Mckean says they're likely happy with where they are in their career.

That's really good news if you're looking for a stable long-term partner as they'll be ready to invest their time into building a relationship with you. Capricorns, like other Earth signs, will make the approach slowly but surely. You'll know an Aquarius likes you when they start making you a part of their world.

According to Kilic, this Air sign typically has a large circle of friends. If they think you're relationship material, they'll test the waters out by letting you meet their friends. When an Aquarius has a crush, you might also notice little changes in their behavior. According to McKean, they're gifted with the ability to be detached about emotional issues and to be objective about solving problems.

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So that makes them pretty chill in general. But when an Aquarius starts acting differently, like they'll get nervous or start fidgeting, that's when you know they have a crush. This is an Aquarius that's majorly crushing on someone new. As you can see, everyone deals with crushes in their own little way. If you want to keep yours secret, you'll know what to look out for.

On the flip side, if you're interested in seeing if someone likes you back, be sure to check out their zodiac sign to see what they do. This post was originally published on May 3,