February 18 cancer daily horoscope

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The moon enters Virgo, encouraging you to travel. Your attention turns to your career as the sun enters creative water sign Scorpio: How do you want to be seen? What do you want to be remembered for? The moon enters Virgo, encouraging you to let go of the past. The sun enters fellow water sign Scorpio today, inspiring you to travel, learn, and look at the big picture.

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You're feeling optimistic and new opportunities are arising. Your relationships are also in focus as the moon enters Virgo. This is a transformative time of year for you, Aries. The sun enters Scorpio, the sign of rebirth, and you're experiencing a rebirth of your own as you courageously face your fears.

This is a powerful time for mourning and sitting with your more difficult emotions. On a more mundane level, complex financial issues like debts and taxes are looked it.

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The moon enters Virgo, asking you to get organized. Scorpio season begins today, bringing your relationships into focus—not just the ones with lovers, but partnerships of all kinds, even with your frenemies! It's a powerful time for connection and creativity as the moon enters fellow earth sign Virgo. Scorpio season begins and as the sun moves through the sign of rebirth, you are empowered to kick a bad habit. However today you are encouraged to make your personal life a priority and be more attentive with loved ones. Immerse yourself in physical pleasures, creative activities and anything that makes you happy.

Also factor in romance with your partner. Today you need to speak from the heart, shoot from the hip and give people the straight dope. If there has been heightened tension at home perhaps between family or other household members, today will bring closure, resolution and peace. Meanwhile, a deep conversation with a close friend, possibly a Sagittarian, will draw you closer together.

Verify your information and obtain written reference material. There's no reason to take everything quite so personally.

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Don't jump to any conclusions right away, allow some time to soften your overall view of things. You'll need the time to digest your thoughts and emotions. Patience will be required in order to understand others perspective.

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