Types of raj yog in astrology

When Leo is rising in a horoscope and the lord of the 5th house Jupiter , and the 4th and 9th house Mars are conjunct in a trikona or Kendra, Raja Yoga is formed in the birth chart. When Virgo is rising in a kundali and the lord of the 1st and 10th house Mercury is conjunct with the lord of the 4th and 7th Jupiter , or conjunct with the lord of the 2nd and 9th house Venus in any Kendra or trikona, Rajyoga in Birth Chart is formed.

If Mercury and Venus are conjunct in the 3rd house in this lagna ascendant and looks at the 9th house, it also forms Rajyoga in the kundali. When Libra is rising in a kundli and lord of 4th and 5th bhavas Saturn is conjunct with the lord of the 7th bhava Mars ,or with the lord of the 9th bhava Mercury , or with the lord of the 10th bhava Moon in a Kendra or trikona, Raja Yoga is formed in the kundali. When Scorpio is rising in a birth chart and the lord of the 5th house Jupiter is conjunct with the lord of the 9th house Moon , or with the lord of the 10th house Sun in a Kendra, Rajyoga is formed.

When Sagittarius is rising in a horoscope and the lord of the 1st and 4th house Jupiter is conjunct with the lord of the 5th house Mars , or with the lord of the 10th house Mercury , or with the lord of the 9th house Sun in a Kendra or trikona then Rajyoga is formed in the birth chart. When Capricorn is rising in a kundali and the lord of the 1st bhava Saturn is conjunct with the lord of the 5th and 10th bhavas Venus , or is conjunct with the lord of the 7th bhava Moon , Rajayoga in birth chart is formed.

When Kumbha is rising in the horoscope and the lord of the 1st bhava Saturn is conjunct with the lord of the 4th and 9th bhavas Venus in a good house, such as trikona or Kendra, Rajyoga in kundli is formed. When Pisces is rising in horoscope and the lord of the 10th house Jupiter is conjunct with the lord of the 4th and 7th houses Mercury , or the lord of the 9th Mars is in a good house, Rajyoga is formed in the birth chart. These are-. When lords of the first, ninth and fifth houses are conjunct. When lords of the second, sixth and tenth houses are conjunct.

When lords of the third, seventh and eleventh houses are conjunct. In Taurus ascendant Saturn rules the 9th trinal house, and the 10th kendra house. For Libra ascendants Saturn rules both the 4th Kendra and the 5th trinal. Other ascendants that have a Yoga Karaka are Capricorn and Aquarius. They both have Venus as the Yoga Karaka. With Capricorn Ascendant Venus rules the 5th and the 10th. Aquarius ascendant Venus rules the 4th and 9th.

Cancer ascendant will have Mars rule the 5th and the 10th. Leo ascendants will have Mars rule the 4th and the 9th. No other ascendants will have a single planet rule both a kendra and a trine. These are the only ascendants to have a Yoga Karaka. A Yoga Karaka planet will be a planet that brings great benefit to the chart, even though it may be a natural malefic planet. The second major yoga defined by house ruler ship is Dhana Yoga. This yoga brings material wealth and money, because it links the money houses 1, 2, 11 5, 9. The combination of any one of these houses combined with the 1st house ruler would bring wealth to the individual.

Actually any combination of these houses would create Dhana Yoga, but the1st house combination is the strongest. The third major yoga formed by house ruler ship is the Arista Yoga. This is the yoga of suffering and spirituality. Usually the suffering is from illness. The combination of the rulers of the most difficult houses trik or dusthana 6,8,12 are combined, but again when these houses are combined with the ruler of the 1st this brings the suffering to the individual.

Again as in the Dhana Yoga, any combination of these house rulers would constitute Arista Yoga. Generally it is through our suffering that spirituality is sought. Therefore this yoga will produce both suffering and spiritual opportunities. For example if the combination of 2 planets create an Arista Yoga and a Dhana Yoga.

The planets rule 2 houses except the Sun and Moon each, so you would be merging 4 houses together. Therefore 2 planets can be both a Raja Yoga, and a Arista Yoga. Another way in which planets can be connected is through parivartana yoga. This is called mutual reception in western astrology. Their rulerships exchange signs. A special note if you have a planet that is in aspect, and in parivartana then you have 2 planets in a Sambandha, this means they are completely connected.

Harsha Yoga

This makes these planets connect and operate together. They work in unison. When entering a dasha of a planet involved in parivartana yoga it would simultaneously activate the other planet through this connection. An example of sambandha is the Sun in Aquarius and Saturn in Leo. These are called the five Yogas of great people.

It is when malefic planets surround a house and the planets within that house. There must be a malefic in both the house before, and after surrounding the house hemmed in.

What is Astro Raj Yoga?

Saturn in the 12th house and Mars in the 2nd house, the 1st house is hemmed in by malefics, constituting papa katari yoga for the 1st house. Interpretation: The 1st house would be robbed of protection. The matters the 1st house rules would be harmed. The 1st house rules physical health, and the body. Here the body is harmed. Shubha means auspicious. Here the benefic planets surround a house. The benefic planets are Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury. The benefic planets give protection and grace to the house they surround.

Example: Venus in the 1st house and Jupiter in the 3rd house, the 2nd house is hemmed in by benefics. Interpretation: The 2nd house and the matters it rules will be blessed with empowerment. The 2nd house rules money matters, and childhood, therefore these matters prove prosperous, and good for the individual. The Moon as well as most planets does not like to be alone. The Moon thrives on support from other planets. The Moon rules the mind and the emotional body.

The joy of life comes from the sharing of experiences and ideas. This is how the Moon works. It needs to share, and feel supported. If it is not connected to any planets it will feel alienated, and disconnected with the world. The mind will be disturbed. This indicates acquisition, and the planet itself will describe the manner in which things will be acquired. For example, Mars in the 2nd house from the Moon, is Sunapha Yoga indicating an aggressive manner in acquiring money, or possessions.

This Yoga is about receiving. This yoga deals with giving. The 12th house is about giving, and expenditures. This is about generosity. For example, Jupiter 12th house from the Moon is someone who is very generous. As a matter of fact, if they are with other planets 2nd or 12th from the Moon they will drastically weaken or cancel these yogas.

This is because when the Sun is close to the Moon, the Moon is weak or dark. The reason is — this yoga has many other variations. Only on the basis of placement of these planets cannot give the ultimate result of this raj yoga. Later I will discuss on this yoga separately in another article. It is not the universal truth or applicable. On the other hand, a man with prominent Raj yoga in his Kundli may be poor. Yoga apart from Rajyogas can make you rich:. Vedic astrology clears this doubt by describing some sound yogas or combinations which show good financial prosperity that can bless a person with wealth.

More the number of theme combinations more the person becomes rich. The houses of a birth chart which hold importance regarding this are:.

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The 2 nd house: The main place of money, especially the saved money or bank balance. The conditions of 2nd house and lord hold main key to knowing the secret of wealth. But, remember Second house must have one or more benefic planets. The whole chart should be judged to understand the result of planets in the second house. On the other hand, 11th house and its lord should be quite strong. All planets in this house give good result, especially malefic planets, like Saturn, Mars, Sun, Rahu and Ketu. The presence of malefic planets in this house indicates great wealth.

For example, Mars is a malefic planet it should give very good result in this house, but it may not give if this Mars is 8 th lord too. Now, a good relationship between these two lords 2 nd and 11 th can mould your life completely, if those are placed correctly. If both the lords are strong and are connected with each other by aspect or conjunction, or are placed in a very strong Kendra or Kona house it can give a person huge money.

If those are even stronger then obviously it can give birth of a billionaire. If strong 5 th , 9 th and the 10 th house also joins the combination then it indicates straight to millionaires. The most powerful yoga is when either of the 2 nd and 11 th lord or both together are in Lagna, 9 th , 10 th or 11 th house.

Bill Gates has Chandra — Mangal Moon and Mars posited just opposite to each other, in his natal chart Moon is the 2nd lord and Mars is the 11 th lord, thus the relation between 2 nd house and 11 th house is established. Any combination of 1 st house, 5 th house and 9th lords are extremely auspicious. The Combination of the 9 th house,1 st or lagna house and 5 th house lords in houses of a chart like 1 st, 5th, 9 th , 10th, and 11 th makes a person celebrity and wealthy. Even if this combination is present in the 8 th house of the horoscope so it can give huge wealth. This house is the house of sudden gain of wealth.

The 8 th house indicates a sudden rise in career or in the amount of wealth. Mr Amitabh Bachchan — the star of Bollywood has this yoga in a form of Mercury and Venus together 5th and 9th lords respectively, and are forming a very powerful wealth yoga. Jupiter is the planet of wealth that I already have mentioned above while describing Gaja-Kesari Yoga.

The Presence of a strong Jupiter in the 2 nd house or 11th house or its aspect on these houses can bring good fortune. The desirable and Immense wealth is confirmed when other benefic planets are present or aspect too in these houses. The presence of Venus and Mercury in the 2 nd house are also considered to be extremely auspicious and has greatly been praised.

The role of the 2nd house lord has great importance in Vedic astrology, though the whole horoscope should be analysed before the final prediction. In general, some parts of which can be understood by seeing its placement in other houses as below:. Second lord in 1st house: This is a good position, the native earns through his self-effort.

In the 2nd house: This is the easy money placement.

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Wealth comes without hard work or much effort and the native is overall fortunate in financial matters. In the 3rd house: As this is the house of initiative, the Native earns through his own continuous initiatives. In 4th house: This is another good position. The Native earns through property dealing and inheritance. In the 6th house: The source of earning of a native is service and can be any kind of competition.

This position also gives money through broker. In the 7th house: This position gives earning from wife or business, foreign lands etc. Some other yogas are also there but this combination was also a parameter there.